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Besides the normal all in one installer we have now installers per platform (windows, osx, linux)
These installers are just zip/tar files that just needs extraction in a directory.
On OSX you need to run "firstuse.command" before starting the developer.
An installation (coming from the normal installer or from a platform specific archive) is now shipping with with a Java vm (Java12)
So for the platform specific archives you don't need to install or java have on your system.
The all in one installer still needs java for itself.


security hardening, session hijacking with cross site scripting made a lot harder because the websocket session is split up, where one portion is not readable in JavaScript

eclipse upgraded to 19.03/4.11 (this also can bring java lib updates like http client)

java lib updates to oauth and broadcaster plugins

js lib upgraded (bootstrap 3.4.1, jquery 3.3.1, jquery-ui 1.12.1, angular 1.7.7)

Form and Table security can now be configured to be in explicit mode, so the user only has rights to stuff from the groups the user is in if the groups have explicitly set that it is allowed.

First cut of NGDesktop client support, you are able to launch the ngclient in the NGDesktop wrapper (build on electron/chrome), more support will be added in the coming releases

Form Designer for css positioning forms can now quickly set "anchors" on multiply components at once through the new "anchoring" menu

component/service spec: depreciation support and component "moved" support.

ViewFoundSet support in developer, now can create one like in mem and use them in forms directly (with an onload callback to fill it when first used)

WarExporter: license should now be given as 3 arguments: license.company_name , license.code and license.licenses

Added a new Service solution type so it is more clear that this a a rest/headless client type of solution.

Servoy Theme roller: added a 201906 release

API Changes:

foundset.dispose() -> call this to to help the system to clear the foundset when a lot of foundset are created for bulk processing

datasources.db.server.getTableNames() api added

Added api to JSUtils for string/byte/base64 conversions:

byte[] JSUtils.stringToBytes(String)
String JSUitls.bytesToString(byte[])
String JSUtils.stringToBase64(String)
String JSUtils.base64ToString(String)
String JSUtils.bytesToBase64(byte[])
byte[] JSUtils.base64ToBytes(String)

i18n.setLocale(language, country, extensions) api added for extensions support:

i18n.getI18NMessage(key, country,language) added to get a translated message for another country/language then the client.

Enabled all working api for ngclient .

Added APP_NG_PROPERTY.WINDOW_BRANDING_TITLE, APP_NG_PROPERTY.WINDOW_BRANDING_ICON_32, APP_NG_PROPERTY.WINDOW_BRANDING_ICON_192 for use with: application.putClientProperty to be able to override the branding per client instance

JSRelation.joinType to change the join type to one of the: QBJoin.LEFT_OUTER_JOIN, QBJoin.INNER_JOIN, QBJoin.RIGHT_OUTER_JOIN, QBJoin.FULL_JOIN

security.canAccess(form [, elementname]) and security.canView(form [, elementname]) added for programmatically be able to see the security for forms or its elements.

See issues for a list of issues that are fixed

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