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Breaking changes:

There are some changes in the exporter (command line arguments: doNotOverwriteDBServerProperties instead of overwriteDBServerProperties)

SVY-13840 Issue with Font Awesome component and different FA font-families, default it has no "fa" anymore

Other changes:

Eclipse upgraded to 19.06/4.12 (this also can bring java lib updates like http client)

Export NGDesktop option besides war/servoy file

NGDesktop file plugin (read/write/watch)

NGDesktop utils plugin (executeProgram/exit)

RestWS plugin enhanced to have version support ("vX" in the url), scope support (besides forms), "deeper" methods support (/users/make/one)
( and RESTful Web Services)

Solution model support for JSLayoutContainer.remove()

ListFormComponent highlight/onrecord select

(List)FormComponent moved to core servoy components (so there is now only 1 of those in core)

JSUpload introduced, file upload components can now upload to a handler (instead of just dataprovder) that gets that JSUpload object
JSUpload has support for formfields (that can be send by an upload component for extra information on the server side)

databaseManager.flushCalculations(datasource,boolean) to flush only calcs that are in memory (all or only unstored)

Lots of FormEditor improvements.

Javascript validations fixes for RuntimeForm (more stable) and added support for RuntimeWebComponents<name> and CustomType<name> for more stable typing of components and there types

Support for native UUIDs if the database has that support (currently only postgresql and sql server), Table Editor now gives you that option.

A preference is added to the preferences to say what the default should be used for UUIDs, a string of byte column

DBI files can now be configured how the order should be, creation order or name

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