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Lots of performance improvements for startup or importing of solutions of the Developer
Developer starts up a bit different now, loading and activating solutions later and fully multi threaded.

Login dialog to login into Servoy Cloud (asked only once over multiply developer installations)

New Startup page with tutorials

Windows now have a signed "exe" installer

OSX now have a signed DMG, this has a side effect that the application_server need needs to go inside the app (

You will get warnings now when using a customer query in a filter with just the "IN" or 'in" operator: "Filter is created using a custom query without using the sql-modifier, this will be removed in a future version of servoy, please use operator 'sql:in'". This is a security enhancement so you are sure the custom query is a valid and fully controlled query that you send to the server. So you as a developer needs to tell the system that this IN can contain custom sql.


Added foundset.getName() (SVY-14449)

Databases who are supporting this (for now only postgresql) will use the ANY (?) instead of IN (?,?,?) when possible for queries. (if there are problems disable this with the property: servoy.server.sql.useArrayForIn=false)

We relaxed the "allow null" in the table editor, you are now able to set that to false after the table is already created
This can have side effects because we can only create this when the table is empty (in developer) or not there yet at all (when deploying) (SVY-14416)

Table and Column names can now be 50 long (instead of 30) as long as the database supports this (SVY-14217)

JWT plugin added for generating JSON Web Tokens (

application.getStartupArguments() is reintroduced, so they can be used in a login form (so you don't need to use a login solution) (SVY-14542)

security.logout() has now an option to open a solution and only give deeplink startup arguments (method is not needed anymore) (SVY-14549)

databaseManager.saveData(Array<JSRecord>) added to save an array of records at once. (SVY-14616)

Updates libraries

Eclipse is upgraded to 4.14

Tomcat upgraded to 8.5.50 (inside developer and also the application_server/server)

Embedded postgresql updated to 12.2 (for now OSX only)

Breaking changes

The command line exporter now will not just export all components or services anymore if you did not specify any of the -crefs nor -srefs command line arguments. 
It now behaves as the UI does in the developer if you don't manually select anything, and that is that it really only exports what Servoy detects that you are using.
The workaround is if you want the behavior that everything should be exported is to add "-crefs all"

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