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updated to Eclipse 4.20 (2021.06) and other java libraries for logging and in the plugins have minor updates.


ported over: svyBlockUI, Advanced Render Components, pdfViewer, webNotifications

command line WAR export fixes, it now really installs and builds all the packages and it now filters out the selection of the export settings.

Improvements to all other packages (will have a there own releases) and the core NG2 system

Added APP_NG_PROPERTY.VALUELIST_CONTAINS_SEARCH property for system wide or typeahead element specific like searches that are "contains" (not startWith), so %text% instead of text%

solution mode: getJSLayoutContainers can also now return inherited containers

application.set/getClipboardContent support for NGClient


utils.stringToHex(String) // returns hex encoded string
utils.hexToString(hexString) // returns decoded string
utils.hexToBytes(hexString) // returns decoded as Array<byte>
utils.bytesToHex(bytes) // returns hex encoded string from Array<byte>

restws: added plugins.restws.getContents() to access more the raw content ( WsContents object)


oauth: support for OKTA, builder api now also for custom api (generic support if you know the endpoints yourself), support for responseType (including hybrid flows like code id_token), support for additional Parameters
jwt: now has a builder for support setting other headers or using a different algorithm (SHA, RSA, ECDSA)


Help menu now has a "Post on forum" to quickly ask questions

Update all button in the Servoy Package Manager

Performance data monitoring on the admin page: This now reports a lot more state including nested calls, but this can result in a lot more data being collected so don't go unlimited in a production.
The performance monitoring is made way more concurrent (reporting for 1 client shouldn't affect at all another client) but because it does way more monitoring it could be taken up more cpu/time.
Because if these monitoring changes there is a possible break in api for Server side plugins that are using IServerAccess.endPerformanceTiming(String context, UUID uuid, String clientId); has an extra argument "clientId"

NGDESKTOP: updated to the latest electron (13.1.9), updates some packages and usage of the electron/remote interface, pdf printing support (and some support to get printers) (NGDesktop is separate release)

Jasper Report: please make sure you use the latest version 6.17 with Servoy 2021.09 to have no conflicts in libraries

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