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Embedded PostgreSQL upgraded for windows and mac to 14.1
Created a MacOSX/Aarch64 native build.
AngularJS is upgraded to the XLTS release: 1.8.7 and JQuery to 3.6.0
Log4J libraries upgraded to 2.17.1
Eclipse upgraded to 4.21 (Eclipse 2021.06)
Hibernate upgraded to 5.6.1 (and some support libs that hibernate uses)
Added support for a system or environment property for servoy.nodePath and servoy.npmPath (if you want or need to override the build in nodejs/npm)
Developer ships with Java 17.0.1 (LTS) and NodeJS 16.13.0 (LTS)
Updated the OAuth plugin libs (scribejava)
Improvements and fixes for InMem databsae (HSQLDB) implementation, (Connections could hang causing clients to not be killed)


Added and option in the preferences to show the new Designer (build on Angular for NG2 and NG2 Components) (This is a pre release, ongoing development)
Forum integration by showing a notification when a new post is done (A preference is added to disable this)
WebPackages that are installed by zip can now easily be overriden by Source/Project packages (A Project reference is always used, no duplicate packages are reported this way anymore)
Performance improvements when starting up for larger solutions, and improvements when showing a large form in the FormDesigner that has a lot of inheritance.
ProfilerView now has a "Own SQLTime" and a "Total SQL Time" to show differences in what the method does itself and all iets callees.
Create Component/Service action will now generate also a "Stub" for the NG2 components/service setup.


FormContainer (tabless panel) has changed its css cass from bts-tablesspanel to svy-container
Components/Services can now have a special doc file that is a very basic js file that gives use the doc and samples of the api/properties:


Added application.getMediaURL(mediaName) to get urls that can be served as is to the browser.
Added application.executeLater(function, delay [,args]) for a simple scheduled execution api
Added a Comment property on all the persist objects (like components, valuelist,relations) so you can have some documenation added for this object.
Added plugins.ngclientutils.scrollIntoView() to scroll parts of the screen (based on a selector
QueryBuilder "like" has no support for functions (like upper) instead of just a string.
Components now have a getDesignProperties() that returns a map of all the design time properties and there values that are set in the designer.
InMemory Tables now have besides an "onLoad" event also an "onFoundsetNextChunk" where you can give the next chunk of data, so you don't need to load in the full inmemory data yet, you can load more on demand.


Support added for JSON Web Keys in the JWT plugin
ClientManagers Broadcaster will now use RabbitMQ if that is configured to also sends messages to other servers.

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