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  • 2022.03 Whats new
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ViewFoundset: sort now supported and selection api is added to be more inline with the normal Foundset

Added Foundset.createRecords(x) that returns right away the created Record

utils.parse can now be called also with locale information for country and language. (so you can parse dates like "Woe 10 maart"

Comments (added in 2021.12) are now more visible and used in tooltips when hoovering over for example relations with a comment

Servoy now tries to detect duplicate jars (with different versions) when exporting a WAR and gives a warning that those should be resolved.

Profiler View some enhancements in displaying aggregations (and some extra option to show averages)

If needed you can redirect the ngclient build dir to a different directory with a system property:
(defaults to [ws]\.metadata\.plugins\com.servoy.eclipse.ngclient.ui\target)

clientmanager plugin has now a releaseLocks(clientId) for releasing locks of a specific client (be carefull to use this)

For the Titanium NGClient you can use now a style class "svy-listformcomponent-scroll" to the ListFormComponent to have endless scrolling support (this will become default in a coming release and then the old behavior will be removed)

Packages are upgraded: Eclipse 2021.12 (4.22), Java 17.0.2, NodeJS 16.14, for plugins pdfbox/fontbox are updated to 2.0.25 and Bounty Castle jars to 1.64, IText is made to be inline with our jasper plugin: itext-2.1.7.js8.jar

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