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security.login() delays now a bit the loading of the solution: SVYX-329 Use a loginForm instead of a loginSolution

ViewFoundset has now support for relation (from the viewfoundset, so being viewfoundset are the source, not the destination)

Designer: Wizards for Columns (Table components) and Tabs (Tabpanel components) when dropping it from pallete (also can be used/triggered after the drop)

Lot improvements in thew new titanium designer

The maximum numbers of threads a threadpool of a NG/Headless/BatchClients can start is upped from 4 tot 16. So you are not blocked when an client starts many Headless clients (up to 16) and wants to queue method calls all of them at once.


added JSLogger application.getLogger(name) (for having your own logging on various levels)
Also for setting a specific log level at runtime (overriding the one set in the log4j.xml for that logger)

lot of api on the controller are depricated now (they where duplicates of the foundset api)

JSRecord.createMarkers() for creating your own markers on the record (not just relying on databaseManager.validate(record))

Added various overloads of datasources.db.servername.tablename.loadRecords() to quickly get and load a foundset with the given data.

Added datasources.db.servername.tablename.getRecord(UUID|Number|String) for quickly getting 1 specific record (use with care)

updated Eclipse to 2022.03 (4.23)
(most other binary/library updates are already released for 2022.3.1)

Warning: For plugins we now will warn you when loading them and they don't follow the entry point setup:
this will be mandatory from 2022.09 on, in 2022.06 this is a warning.
All plugins that are shipped by servoy are adjusted, if you have 3rd party plugins then these are needed to be updated.

List of fixed cases

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