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dependency updates:

  • based on Eclipse 2022.12
  • Titanium NGClient moved to Angular 15.2 (major upgrade from 14, so most package must be updated also to the 2023.03 version)
  • Developers embedded Postgresql is updated to 15.1


  • Break: from certain elements the "readonly" property is removed (like bootstrap textbox), this was never meant to be a runtime property (only a controller.readonly property mapping), For setting the readonly the "editable" boolean should be used
    The readonly propery was an internal property that works together with the editable property (and if one of the 2 is set this will result in the component being readonly)
  • Tenant/table filtering implementation changes.
    setTenant also filters databroadcast to clients that don't have the same tenant
    that behavior is now moved to pure tablefilters (what a setTenant already was), but it is also now in the API of the table filters so you can tell it that this is also a databroadcast filter:
    databaseManager.createTableFilterParam('crm', 'products', 'companyidid', '=', currentcompanyid).dataBroadcast(true)
    This can only be set for simple filters ("=" or "in")
  • datasources.get(dataSource) we now have a quick lookup for a JSDataSource object based on purely the datasoure (db and mem datasource, not view datasources because those have a different interface)
  • databaseManager.alwaysFollowPkSelection: setting this to true means that we always follow the pk selection when we do a requery/refresh the foundset, even if the selection was on the first row.
    Servoy by default will treath the first row special (because its the default selection) so if we do a requery and the selection was on row 1 we keep it on row 1 even if that could be a different row (pk) now.
    if this setting is set to true, we don't do that and we try to keep the row/pk that was on row 1 as the selected row (could be for example row 10 now).
    We also improved a bit the refresh query to try better to keep the current record selected (we query by default now more records if the selected index was 270 we do requery now of 300 to be able to find the current selected pk a bit more likely)
  • QBSelect api: we now support named conditions on various levels so you can add/remove them based on a name.
  • Added some more Ecma api that are now supported on String/Object
  • Http Plugin: the HttpConfig object has 2 more properties to configure the Http Client upfront:
    forceHttp1: to make sure that the client always used http1 mode even if the server says http/2 is fine. (But the server is not fully complying with the spec)
    enableRedirects: by default the new http client follows redirects, this can be disabled with this property (setting it to false)
  • Mail Plugin: multiply replyTo adresses are now supported (the from parameter can have now more then 2 addresses, where everything from position 2 on are set as replyTo)


  • The palette has now a commonly used category for quick access of the most used X components
  • I18N property in the properties view, now has direct inline searching of an I18n key (when the value starts with i18n: )
  • Templates are deprecated, because we now have Variants and also FormComponent that do the same thing (but better)


  • If you don't export NG1 components anymore, then we now auto redirect right away to the TiNG url, so old bookmark urls keep working.

UI/CSS changes: 

  • AGGrid (nggrid) dropped the theme (bootstrap) completely and is now fully on alpine  (Possible breaking for your NGGrid styling)
  • So we adjusted our stuff to also be on that including our theme, so make sure you update to the 2023.03 theme if you use the Servoy theming.

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