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This release is for the most part for the Servoy NG Grid (aggrid), because we added support for a "map" property type: Property+Types

This map property type is just a key:value of string and primitives which are used to configure for the grid a few properties like "gridOptios" or "colDefs". But also "localeText" where the values of the keys can be an "i18n:xxx". Which will be resolved before sending it to the component.


Besides this the Bootstrapper has now support for native resources but can now also be used as a standalone starter. Because of the removal of Webstart in a future java version.


Developer, NGClientSVY-12539

When a solution has type NG client only, forms have no option to assign a styleClass


Double-clicking variables in the lower part of the Form Hierarchy Viewer doesn't open them


Command line WAR Export: ability to blacklist plugins


Navigator view "link with editor" icon - use new icon


(Fast) client launch button - persist preference even between development sessions

Developer, NGClientSVY-12594

elements.myBootstrapElement.setLocation(x,y) gives warnings in developer

Developer, DocumentationSVY-12552

Open source guide


Deleting a super tabPanel doesn't remove all the overrides on child forms

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12559

Tab Sequences do not work when a form is contained in sideNav

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12556

bootstrap combo box does not support the fallback valuelist

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12662

AG Grid - OnRecordSelection

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12670

AG Grid grouping problem

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12634

AG Grid - Column Headers

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12630

AG Grid - Hardcoded language

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12645

AG Grid - Multiselect

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12628

AG Grid - Column Chooser

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12635

AG Grid - Speed Issue with large number of columns

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12627

AG Grid - Grouping

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12626

AG Grid - Icons

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12644

AG Grid - Editable Behavior

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12661

AG Grid - restoreColumnState Function Return

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12643

AG Grid - Arrowing Down

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12704

Since framework update, I receive "same lib with lower version found"

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12553

Servoy extra table doesn't work with related valuelists

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12618

Servoy Extra Table does not empty when foudset becomes 0 records from a foundset.loadRecords(anotherFoundset) when paginated

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12579

Servoy-extra table does show blank lines

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12638

Select2Tokenizer no valuelist items with custom valuelist and containSearchText

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12604

select2tokenizer jumps to top selection


tabs look different on internet explorer versus chrome


Can't change max of checkgroup component


A form in list view that does not have a body part results in NPE (in NG client)


Log messages due to color value mismapping in Sablo?


improve the DAL.setRecord cyclic code


Strange behavior in Servoy 8.2.3 -releaseNumber 3109 (frozen clients and sockets-connections)


aggregates not updated in NGClient


url rewrite to loginpage is clearing custom query string


Values don't fit in combobox popup in NGclient


Illegal state: view ports end index 50 is bigger then the size 38


Text Field element does not update correctly onRecordSelection compared to Bootstrap version


Table Component CSS


Return element name to key listener callback.


custom onSort for calculation in combination with AG datatable courses endless sort/loop


servoy.selectINValueCountLimit - make this option available per datasource


Server closed headless clients and became unresponsive


joda time is now a smart client dependecy


Be able to run the SmartClient without webstart.


native lib support for the bootstrapper


starting SmartClient with Bootstrapper that doesn't need webstart.

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