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The Servoy Application Server is the heart of the deployment configuration in most deployment scenarios. In case of stand alone deployment using the Servoy Runtime Client and in case of WAR Deployment, Servoy Application Server installation with the embedded tomcat is not utilized .

WAR deployment must be used for NGClient deployment and requires a J2EE standards compliant application server to be installed (for example Tomcat). From Servoy 8 on this is the more preferred way of deployment.

When deploying on premises or as a service, either on dedicated hardware or in the cloud, the Servoy Application Server is the core of the deployment configuration.

So Servoy Applicaton Server that you can install from the installer is a the Servoy Server Runtime with an embedded tomcat build in, a War deployment is the Servoy Server Runtime but then without the embedded tomcat.

This chapter discusses all aspects of the Servoy Application Server as a standalone deployment or as the Servoy Server Runtime deployed as a WAR on a J2EE Application server.

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