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Servoy provides specialized tools for navigation in addition to the basic navigation tools that ship with Eclipse. An overview of Eclipse tools is provided below along with details on Servoy-added functions.

Basic Navigation Functions

In Eclipse, navigator functions are accessed via the following:

  • Edit menu provides options for Find and/or Replace within text files.
  • Navigate menu provides Go To options as well as Back and Forward view navigation.
  • Search menu provides File and Javascript search functions.

Many of the Navigate and Search commands are also available via the Toolbar.

For details on these basic navigation features, please consult the Eclipse documentation found in the Help menu of the Developer IDE.

Servoy Resource Search

In the Navigate menu, Locate Servoy Resource allows the user to search for Servoy Resources. To use this feature:

  1. Type the name of the resource you want to search. The results list will automatically show a filtered set as you type.
  2. You can limit the type of objects included in the search results by clicking on the inverted triangle on the upper right corner of the search box.
  3. Click on the desired resource to open it in the editor area.

Next/Previous Annotations

The Navigate menu also contains the additional Servoy features, Next and Previous Annotation. These are described in detail in the Script Editor chapter; these functions allow users to navigate to customizable annotations within a script.

Text Search

The Search menu allows users to conduct file and Javascript searches across the workspace by typing in a desired text search string. Options to limit the search results are available before conduction the search. If a block of text is selected in a script editor window, this text will automatically fill in the search box. Results are shown in the Search view typically found at the bottom of the screen.

A special feature added in Servoy text search is the Servoy Active Solution workset. This selection is used to limit the results of the search to the active solution, rather than the entire workspace.

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