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JavaScript keywords
abstract, boolean, break, byte, case, catch, char, class, const, continue, debugger, default, delete, do, double, else, enum, export, extends, final, finally, float, for, function, goto, if, implements, import, in, instanceof, int, interface, long, native, new, package, private, protected, public, return, short, static, super, switch, synchronized, this, throw, throws, transient, try, typeof, var, void, volatile, while, with
Servoy keywords
application databaseManager forms globals history JSButton JSComponent JSDNDEvent JSDataSet JSEvent JSField JSForm JSFoundSet JSLabel JSMethod JSPart JSRecord JSRenderEvent JSTableObject jsunit JSWindow QBAggregate QBColumn QBCondition QBFunction QBLogicalCondition QBPart QBSelect QBSort Renderable RuntimeComponent RuntimeForm security ServoyException solutionModel UUID utils controller elements i18n Bean Button CheckBoxes ComboBox Form Label Password Portal RadioButtons Rectangle TabPanel TextArea TextField Attachment JSFile JSPacket Polynomial plugins.XmlReader plugins.agent plugins.amortization plugins.dialogs plugins.excelxport plugins.file plugins.headlessclient plugins.http plugins.images plugins.mail plugins.maintenance plugins.mobileservice plugins.openid plugins.pdf_output plugins.rawSQL plugins.scheduler plugins.serialize plugins.spellcheck plugins.textxport plugins.udp plugins.window RelationInfo Array Boolean Date Function JSON Math Namespace Number Object QName RegExp String XML
database keywords
_super, abs, absolute, abstract, account, action, active, add, admin, after, alias, all, allmethods, allnames, allocate, allrelations, allvariables, alter, analyse, and, any, application, are, arguments, arith_overflow, array, artition, as, asc, ascending, assertion, at, authorization, auto, avg, backup, base_name, before, begin, between, bigint, binary, bit, bit_length, blob, boolean, both, bottom, break, browse, bulk, by, byte, cache, cached, call, capability, cascade, cascaded, case, cast, catalog, catch, char, char_convert, char_length, character, character_length, check, check_point_length, checkpoint, class, close, clustered, coalesce, cobol, collate, collation, column, comment, commit, compressed, compute, computed, conditional, confirm, connect, connection, connection_id, const, constant, constraint, constraints, containing, contains, continue, controller, controlrow, convert, corresponding, count, count_big, create, cross, cstring, cube, current, currentRecordIndex, current_connection, current_date, current_role, current_time, current_timestamp, current_transaction, current_user, currentcontroller, currentform, cursor, database, databaseManager, date, datetime, day, dbcc, dbspace, deallocate, debug, debugger, dec, decimal, declare, decrypt, default, deferrable, deferred, delete, deleting, desc, descending, describe, descriptor, determnistic, diagnostics, disconnect, disk, distinct, do, domain, domains, double, drop, dummy, dump, dynamic, elements, else, elseif, encrypt, encrypted, end, end-exec, endif, endtran, entry_point, enum, errlvl, errordata, errorexit, escape, except, exception, exclusive, exec, execute, exist, existing, exists, exit, exp_row_size, export, extends, external, externlogin, extract, false, fetch, file, fillfactor, filter, final, finally, first, float, for, foreign, form, forms, fortran, forward, found, foundset, free_it, from, full, function, gdscode, gen_id, generator, get, global, globals, go, goto, grant, group, group_commit_wait_time, having, history, holdlock, hour, identified, identity, identity_gap, identity_start, if, ignore, immediate, implements, import, in, inactive, index, indicator, initially, inner, inout, input, input_type, insensitive, insert, inserting, install, instanceof, instead, int, integer, integrated, interface, intersect, interval, into, iq, is, isolation, jar, join, jsunit, key, kill, language, last, leading, leave, left, length, level, like, limit, lineno, load, local, lock, log_buffer_size, logfile, login, long, longvarbinary, longvarchar, lower, manual, match, materialized, math, max, max_rows_per_page, maximum_segment, membership, merge, message, min, minute, mirror, mirrorexit, mode, modify, module, module_name, month, names, national, native, natural, nchar, new, next, no, noholdlock, non_sensitive, nonclustered, nonscrollable, not, notify, null, nullif, nulls, num_log_buffers, number, numeric, numeric_truncation, object, octet_length, of, off, offset, offsets, on, once, online, only, open, option, options, or, order, other, others, out, outer, output, output_type, over, overflow, overlaps, package, pad, page, page_size, pages, parameter, partial, pascal, passthrough, password, percent, perm, permanent, pl1, plan, plugins, position, post_event, precision, prepare, preserve, primary, print, prior, private, privileges, proc, procedure, processexit, protected, proxy_table, public, publication, quiesce, raiserror, raw_partitions, rdb$db_key, read, readpast, readtext, real, reconfigure, recordIndex, record_version, recreate, reference, references, relative, release, remote, remove, rename, reorg, reorganize, replace, replication, reserv, reservepagegap, reserving, resource, restore, restrict, retain, return, returning_values, returns, revoke, right, role, rollback, rollup, row_count, rowcount, rows, rows_affected, rule, save, savepoint, schedule, schema, scopes, scroll, scrollable, second, section, security, segment, select, semi_sensitive, sensitive, servoyDeveloper, session, session_user, set, setuser, shadow, share, shared, short, show, shutdown, singular, size, skip, smallint, snapshot, solutionModel, some, sort, space, sql, sqlcode, sqlerror, sqlstate, stability, start, starting, starts, statement, static, statistics, stop, strictfp, stringsize, stripe, structural, sub_type, substring, subtrans, subtransaction, sum, summary, super, suspend, switch, syb_identity, syb_restree, syb_terminate, synchronize, synchronized, syntax_error, system, system_user, table, temp, temporary, text, textsize, then, this, throw, throws, ties, time, timestamp, timezone_hour, timezone_minute, tinyint, title, to, top, tracefile, trailing, tran, transaction, transaction_id, transient, translate, translation, trigger, trim, true, truncate, try, tsequal, type, typeof, uid, undefined, union, unique, unknown, unpartition, unsigned, update, updating, upper, usage, use, user, user_option, using, utils, uuid, validate, value, values, var, varbinary, varchar, varchar_ignorecase, variable, varying, version, view, void, volatile, wait, waitfor, weekday, when, whenever, where, while, with, with_lparen, work, write, writetext, xmlextract, xmlparse, xmltest, xmlvalidate, year, yearday, zone
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