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Servoy Cloud are cloud services intended for software development teams that develop and optionally deploy software using the Servoy technology stack. The purpose of Cloud Service is to provide all required technology and tools to do this in a highly productive, transparent and controlled way. The result of using Servoy's cloud is an even more productive software development team, empowered by technology that can continuously and iterative deliver high quality software at an high pace.

In This Chapter

Servoy Cloud Pipeline

The Servoy Cloud Pipeline is a comprehensive set of functionalities to allow you to manage and control all aspects of building and deploying Servoy technology based applications..

Key aspects

Key aspects of Servoy Cloud Pipeline are: 

  • Continuous delivery pipeline in-the-cloud
  • Automated build, deploy, QA and reporting
  • Integrated Source control
  • Docker orchestration and container monitoring
  • Agile Project Tracking
  • High-availability production environments

in a Scalable, Stable, Secure environment.

Source Control

Everything on the Pipeline is under Source Control, this includes:

  • The source code you create in the Servoy IDE
  • The database structure and things like indexes
  • Application metadata
  • Application properties
  • All stack components
  • Operating system
  • Java 
  • Libraries
  • Servoy
  • Environment settings and variables
  • Database engine

Core principles

Editing the source

If anything changes in source,  a new release will be created (New source = new build = new release)

Automatic testing

The purpose of Servoy Cloud is to enable teams to perform at a high pace, releasing often and fast, whilst keeping or increasing the quality of their application. To ensure the quality of releases each and every time extensive automatic testing is required. These tests basically describe (and automatically test) what quality means, the describe (and test) the functionality of the application.

Servoy Cloud contains both unit test engine and a end to end test engine

Unit tests will run every time a new release is generated and creates a report. It can optionally also check code coverage and produce a report of the % code covered by the unit test.

End tests it will run every time a new release is generated  and create a report.

If any test fails, the new release will not be generated.

Servoy Cloud Production guarantees that end to end test that succeeded in a pre-production environment will function and perform in a production environment.


Every release of an application moves from development to user acceptance to pre-production to production stage.

The Pre-production environment is architecturally identical to the production environment. All steps to promote you solution to production are automated and tested  in pre-production before promoting to production.

Pre-production is also used to do performance testing using end to end test. This means that pre-production must also be a solid representation of production in terms of data size.A

In each step the quality of the application and all settings changes to it and its stack are taken to the next level and once ready for deployment to production everything has been tested.

Servoy Cloud-based Production

Servoy Cloud Production is a set of services and tools aimed to host a solution at a given availability level, it integrates seamless with the Servoy Cloud Pipeline and give you an availability of functionality and performance.

The Servoy Cloud enforces SSL use, automatic encryption, strict access controls, docker static security scanning, and binary hashing. It automatically and continuously scans all public-exposed end points, pipeline components, and project management tools, whether at the Servoy or client end. It then notifies the engineering team of security vulnerabilities. Servoy Cloud security reports are easy to understand, highly configurable, and immediately actionable, and take seconds to produce. Finally, Servoy updates its stack several times a day to keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

Core principles

  • To use the Servoy Cloud-based Production Service you must use the Servoy Cloud Pipeline for development and use a pre-production environment (PPROD)
  • Promoting a solution to Production can only be done after a successful test and promotion from the pre-production environment
  • According to your Service Level Agreement the Servoy Cloud will scale up and down the sessions are drained (and killed) and during the operating window timeframe the performances are guaranteed. 


Servoy periodically produces Technical Webinars targeted to developers covering a broad range of topics, from new features to new capabilities to best practices. The following webinars are focused on the Servoy Cloud offering:

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