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The Servoy Web Client is a browser-based client, using just HTML and CSS for rendering the User Interface (UI), while all business logic is executed server-side.

HTML & CSS Based User Interface

The Servoy Web Client uses just HTML and CSS to render the User Interface in the browser and does not rely on any plugins that need to be installed in the browser, thus maintaining the zero deployment model.

All UI components are Ajax-enabled to provide a very rich, interactive user experience in the browser.

Server-side Business Logic Execution

The business logic execution of a Servoy Web Client happens server-side, to provide optimal security and eliminate browser-based JavaScript differences.

Security: Business logic that is executed in a browser can be easily viewed and hacked. By executing business logic server-side, the business logic does not have to be downloaded to the browser, thus it is not exposed and cannot be hacked.
JavaScript differences: Each browser vendor implements JavaScript (the coding language in all browsers) slightly different. Executing all business logic server-side eliminates all the differences.

Cross Browser

The Servoy Web Client runs in all standard compliant browsers. The following browsers are actively supported:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and higher
  • FireFox 2 and higher
  • Safari

Besides the actively supported browsers, Servoy Web Client will typically run fine in all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Webkit-based browsers (iPhone, Nokia smartphone, Android) and Opera.

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