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The Palette allows you to add the following shapes to a form:

  • Border panel
  • Rectangle
  • Rounded rectangle
  • Circle
  • Horizontal line
  • Vertical line

Properties for these shapes, such as colors and fonts, can be modified via the Properties pane, as shown in the example below:


Shapes can be placed with a custom size when dragging and dropping an item from the Palette by holding down the left mouse button upon reaching the editor area and dragging the until the desired shape and size is reached.


The status bar at the bottom of the Servoy perspective displays sizing information while the shape is being drawn or resized. In the example below, the first pair of numbers represent the x & y coordinates of the upper left corner of the shape, and the second pair shows the size in pixels. Upon setting the final size the x & y coordinates of the lower right corner of the shape appears.

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