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Highlights of what's new in Servoy 6.0
In this release, in which we focused on Developer Productivity and First Experience, these are the main new features:
First Experience:
  • Cleaned up the User Interface of Servoy Developer
  • New design for the Welcome screen that is displayed on first launch after installation
  • New Start Page when opening Servoy Developer with the latest news & useful links
  • Completely overhauled All-in-One installer
Tools for the Developer in Servoy Developer:
  • Brand new Form Designer
  • Brand new CSS Editor
  • Completely new JavaScript build system, based on extended JSDoc support
  • JavaScript Refactoring support
Extensions & updated to the Solution Design feature set:
  • TableView row styling through CSS StyleSheets
  • Conditional styling of Forms & Elements through a new onRender event
  • New Windowing API
  • Extended Inheritance model
  • Improved Drag 'n Drop event model
Deployment Features:
  • Completely overhauled All-In-One installer
  • Added support for installing the Servoy Application Server as a service for all platforms

For more detail, see New in this release.

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