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If you already have the Servoy Developer installed and running on your machine, you can skip this chapter, otherwise the first step for installing Servoy is to register into Servoy Cloud and download the appropriate full Installer for your Operating System:

File typeOperating System
Executable exeWindows
dmg package

OSX - Intel 

dmg package

OSX - M1

tar fileLinux

The installation application is a standard installation wizard, coherent with your Operating System, that will drive you to have the Servoy Developer installed in your machine in few minutes.

The full installers/archives are only for new installs, never use them to update/overwrite an existing install, existing installations should always be updated through the "check for updates" menu of running IDE

Servoy is released using a strict release schedule which can be found here: Servoy Release Schedule And Release Notes

The latest releases notes are:

2021.12 Whats new

2021.09 Whats new

2021.06 Whats new

2021.03 Whats new

2020.12 Whats new

2020.09 Whats new

2020.06 Whats new

2020.03 Whats new

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