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Release schedule

Servoy moved to a quarterly release schedule LTS model

Product updates will be released on a regular interval and we will move away from multiple concurrent releases and semantic versioning.

Legacy release cycle

In the past we made multiple concurrent semantic versions, where different branches of major versions are maintained concurrently.

For example:

  • Servoy 8.3.3
  • Servoy 7.4.10
  • Servoy 6.0.11

New Release Cycle

We will release builds every quarter and the build name will correspond to the year.month in which it is released.

For example:

  • Servoy 2019.03
  • Servoy 2019.06
  • Servoy 2019.09
  • Servoy 2019.12
  • Servoy 2020.03

Each release will contain fixes and enhancements that are new since the prior release. A public release candidate (RC) will be made available up to 4 weeks prior to the final release. During this time, only major fixes and regressions will be addressed during the RC period.

Long-Term Support

Servoy will also adopt the Long-Term Support (LTS) release pattern to maintain older versions of the software.
This has become an industry standard (i.e. Linux, Firefox) which allows companies to run older/stable versions of the software, while at the same time, continuing to receive important patches. Users that want to move to the latest can still anticipate new builds on a regular schedule. LTS builds can be released as needed, but will generally follow a quarterly release and contain all of the fixes from the prior quarter’s build. For unusual circumstances, such as a critical issue, LTS builds could be generated more frequently. Servoy will provide LTS updates for prior builds for 2 year  (from 2020.03 LTS on) following the primary release.

Each LTS release will be labeled For example, 2019.03.2 LTS would be the second LTS build on the 2019 Q1 build. The following is a possible scenario of releases.

Build NumberBuildTypeRelease DateEnd of support
PrimaryEnd of Marchwith release of 2019.06
PrimaryEnd of Junewith release of 2019.09
2019.03.1 LTSbased on 2019.03LTSEnd of Julywith release of 2020.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)
PrimaryEnd of Septemberwith release of 2019.12
2019.03.2 LTSbased on 2019.03LTSEnd of Octoberwith release of 2020.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)
PrimaryEnd of Decemberwith release of 2020.03
2019.03.3 LTSbased on 2019.03LTSEnd of January 2020with release of 2020.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)
PrimaryEnd of Marchwith release of 2020.06
2019.03.4 LTSbased on 2019.03LTSEnd of April 2020with release of 2020.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)
PrimaryEnd of Junewith release of 2020.09
2020.03.1 LTSbased on 2020.03LTSEnd of July 2020with release of 2022.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)
2021.03.1 LTSbased on 2021.03LTSAugust 2021with release of 2023.03 LTS (or minor release of this branch)


Product licensing was previously tied to a major version, for example Servoy 8x or Servoy 7x. Going forward,
product licensing will be tied to a single year, such as 2019 or 2020.

Release dates

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Release Notes

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